Steels are up

The Project

Phase 1

Phase 2


The skeleton of the building is really starting to take shape on site as the first of the steel beams are put in place. They will hold the roof of the main foyer and the linking section towards the Sackville Street office space.

Steel columns along the edge of the linking block looking towards Sackville Street

As part of this work, the first holes are being cut through the west end wall of the church where we will soon have a brand new entrance door.

The contractor is drilling through up to 3m of solid stone and flint

It’s this point in the project that it begins, in a small way, to look like a building. The steel skeleton gives you a good idea of the space that is to come. Huge praise to the trades on site who are working in some pretty cold and wet conditions to get this job done for us.

The contractor uses temporary steel supports as they drill through the west end wall

The view across site from the extension on the Sackville Street buildings.

A crane lifts the heavy duty steels into place

A selection of the steel supports as they arrive on site.