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Celebrating and giving thanks

Joy Atkins


Joy Atkins speaks from Nehemiah 12:27-43 on the importance of celebrating and giving thanks to God.


Joy Atkins


On Remembrance Sunday Joy Atkins speaks to us about the spiritual power and importance of remembering. She speaks from Exodus 12: 12-17.

Stay where you are

Joy Atkins


We can so easily look ahead to the future, to the bigger and better and miss the blessing we are given in the here and now. This week Joy Atkins helps us to understand the blessing God has given us in this time and to rest in the here and the now, even if it is hard work. She preaches from Ruth 2:19-23.


Joy Atkins


Joy Atkins explains that there is a place in our prayers for guilt. An approach that gets us into the right heart attitude, so that we can move through it into God’s grace and transformation. She speaks from Daniel 9: 1-19.

Maundy Thursday

Joy Atkins


An interactive family service. Helped by the Girdler family Joy looks at the activities of the day including the last supper.

Perfect Peace

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at the peace that can com from a life walking in partnership with Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Greater Vision (630 Service) – Hebrews 12

Joy Atkins


Joy rounds off our series in Hebrews by looking at our call to persevere in the faith by fixing our eyes on Jesus.


Joy Atkins


On One Family Sunday David and Joy explore what unity means to us as they explore John 17.

Unlikely Heroes – Elizabeth – Luke 1:5-25

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at how Elizabeth listened to God and made herself available to what He had for her to do.  Joy challenges us to be encouragers, to listen God more and to be surendered and ready to respond quickly and with freedoom to His call.  If we can seek Jesus, his help and his direction then we can find ourselves living fearless lives.

Resurrection Boldness – Acts 4:1-20 (pm)

Joy Atkins


Joy continues in our series looking at living a resurrection life.  She challenges us to step out in boldness taking hold of the power of that comes to us through the resurrection of Jesus.