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Promise of Living Water

Jane Peters


Sharing from Ezekiel 47:1-12, Jane helps to remind us to repent, purify ourselves and ask God to pour living water on those areas of our lives that are dry and arid.


Call to Generosity (part 2)

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from John 21:1-14 on how Jesus demonstrates His power to multiply and provide, and of how He calls us to to do our bit in obedience. It is in this obedience that leads to the miracle of abundance, and the hope that He will provide all our needs.


Listen to Me

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from Luke 24: 13 – 35 on how we should expect God to reveal himself to us in our everyday: are we listening to him?


Gentle Jesus

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from Matthew 11: 29 and Isaiah 42: 1-4 on Jesus being gentle with us as we come to him and allow him to heal and restore us.