Unlikely Heroes

We focus on how God uses unlikely people to carry out His work.  We will look at:

Jacob, Moses, Ruth, Esther, Elizabeth and Timothy

Unlikely Heroes – Timothy – 2 Timothy 1:1-14

John Freeman


With the help of Bilbo Baggins John concludes this series with a look at what we can learn from the example of Timothy.  He encourages that even though we might be timid and reluctant to recognise that:  God has saved us, called us and He will equip us.  He challenged us to be prepared to step out and allow God to fan embers into flames

Unlikely Heroes – Elizabeth – Luke 1:5-25

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at how Elizabeth listened to God and made herself available to what He had for her to do.  Joy challenges us to be encouragers, to listen God more and to be surendered and ready to respond quickly and with freedoom to His call.  If we can seek Jesus, his help and his direction then we can find ourselves living fearless lives.

Unlikely Heroes – Esther – Esther 2:5-11,17&18 & 5:1-8

Jonny Alden


We look at what we can learn from the life of this week’s unlikely hero – Esther.  Jonny encourages us to consider three lessons.  Firstly God works through the small and the weak.  Esther was scared yet was prepared to do what she was called to do.  Secondly Esther used what God had placed in her hand.  Jonny challenges us to think through what it is that God has put in our hands that he wants us to use.  Finally Esther chose faith over fear.  We may find this difficult but like Esther we need to place our trust in God’s goodness.

Unlikely Heroes – Ruth – Ruth 1:3-5, 15-18 & 4:13-22

John Freeman


-Ruth is the next unlikely hero we look at.  John uses the life of Ruth to illustrate how God is present and working even if He is unseen.  He challenges us to be faithul in the small things so that God can build his big plan since fruitfulness comes from faithfulness over time.  In response John asked us to consider what act of ordinary faithfulness is God asking us to focus on.

Unlikely Heroes – Moses – Exodus 3:1-14

Annie Willmot


As we continue our series looking at unlikely heroes Annie exanines how God worked through Moses.  She challenges us to step out in faith and to remember that God is awesome and Holy, He loves us unconditionally and is daily shaping us to be more like him and that we are invited to be part of His plans.

Unlikely Heroes – Jacob – Genesis 32:22-30

David Walker


David introduces our new series looking at how God drew alongside Jacob to touch him and transform his life and allowed there to be reconciliation.  He reminds us that through Jesus God wants to do the same with us.

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