Promise Keeper

Series in Isaiah, Autumn 2020


John Hudson


How can we be certain that God is with us at all times? John Hudson speaks today from Isaiah 43: 1-7 where God promises to be with us even in the fire and trouble of life.


John Freeman


Through God’s promise of provision comes transformation. During times of great challenge and difficulty, we need to be reminded of God’s promise to provide for us. John Freeman speaks today from Isaiah 41: 8-20.


David Walker


As we focus on our own weakness and the bleak nature of this current situation, through Isaiah God reminds us of His promise of strength to those who are weak. Once again, this promise of strength is directly related to trusting God. David Walker speaks today from Isaiah 40: 27-31.


Annie Willmot


Facing invasion and removal from their spiritual home, Jerusalem, God’s people are given these words of comfort and hope. Annie unpacks how we can access and hold on to this hope in our lives right now. She speaks from Isaiah 40:1-8


John Freeman


John Freeman speaks about the path to a life well lived. He shows how the example of the people of God in Isaiah 30 invites us into the arms of a God of mercy. John speaks from Isaiah 30: 15-21.


Lorraine Briffitt


The perfect peace that is spoken about in Isaiah 26:1-6 and 57:14-21 is more than just peace: it is a promise of wholeness for all those who put their trust in God. This week, Lorraine unpacks what it means to have wholeness during a time such as this.

Light in the darkness

David Walker


In Isaiah 9, we hear that there is a ray of light amongst the darkness of Israel’s sin and disobedience. David shows us how Isaiah points forward to the birth of a child who will bring justice and righteousness: a promise for Israel and for us.


John Hudson


As the fatigue and difficulty of the global pandemic leaves us feeling weary and lost, we begin a series looking to God’s promises and purposes for us in a time like this. John Hudson explores Isaiah 6 to see how we are called to respond to our own weariness.

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