Abundant Life

A look at how the Gospel of John describes the abundant life available to all who have a relationship with Jesus

Abundant Love

Lorraine Briffitt


In the conclusion to our series in John Lorraine reminds us that the Love of Jesus reaches out to us no matter where we are. He challenges us to follow Him.

Easter Day

David Walker


David Walker continues in our Abundant Life series, speaking from John 20 of the difference the resurrection makes in the lives of every person.

Good Friday Meditation

John Freeman


John Freemen leads us through the events of Good Friday. With readings and pause for prayer we are led to the cross where Jesus died as a sacrifice, once and for all, to provide forgiveness and new life for us.

Maundy Thursday

Joy Atkins


An interactive family service. Helped by the Girdler family Joy looks at the activities of the day including the last supper.

God’s Glory

Annie Willmot


Annie looks at the start of Jesus’ prayer and how it helps us to focus on the glory of God. She encourages us to see how the presence of Jesus living in us helps us to focus on God and his glory.


John Freeman


John Freeman looks at Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and encourages us to embrace the relationship of unity in love

Take Heart

David Walker


In our first Church Online Stream, our Vicar, David Walker, talks from John 16, speaking on how we can take heart in light of the what is happening in the world right now, and how we can be the abundant life of Jesus in our homes and communities.

Remain in Me

John Freeman


John Freeman looks at Jesus’ words “Remain in Me”. and the freedom that can be found in Him

Perfect Peace

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at the peace that can com from a life walking in partnership with Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Living in your calling

John Hudson


John Hudson looks at how what happened at a funeral in Bethany can give you a framework to discover your own unique calling in life. The passage today is John 11, the raising of Lazarus.

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