God of Turnaround

A focus on the life of Joseph and how God wants us to learn to trust him through the good times and the bad

God of Turnaround – God’s Bigger Picture – Genesis 50:15-26

Lorraine Briffitt


Lorraine concludes our series looking at the life of Joseph by reminding us that God is the one who is writing our story.  She challenges us to think about what is God calling us to do.

God of Turnaround – Forgiveness & Reconciliation – Genesis 45:1-15 & 25-28

David Walker


Reconciliation is never easy.  David looks at how Joseph moves forward.  He suggests that the model we see in the Bible is one based on mercy and not anger.  He looked at the example of the parable of the prodigal son and how that, together with the actions of Joseph point us towards the reconciling work of Jesus on the Cross

God of Turnaround – Facing the Past – Genesis 42:1-26 & 35-38

John Freeman


Looking at the challenges Joseph faced in his life, John reminds us that our past does not need to define our future.  That we do not need to continue to feel guilty about things in our past because there is forgiveness through the cross.  He challenges us to look at what might be holding us back and to give our concerns and past to Jesus and allow our relationship with Him to define our future.

God of Turnaround – Genesis 41:1-16 – Joseph; Obedience and Boldness

David Walker


David continue our series looking at the life of Joseph.  His challenge for us from this weeks passage is whether we are being obedient to what God has called us to do?

God of Turnaround – Temptation and Trust – Gen 39:1-23

Dan Bright


We all suffer from temptation and Joseph was no different.  Dan highlights how the story of Joseph points towards Jesus.  He remind us that through the cross Jesus provides forgiveness and encourages to look to the cross for strength.

God of Turnaround – Joseph; the Father’s love – Genesis 37:12-36

David Walker


David continues our series looking at the life of Joseph.  He reminds us that just as Jacob loved Joseph and wanted the best for him, so our Heavenly Father loves us much more and has the very best plan for our lives.

God of Turnaround – Dreams and Jealousy – Genisis 37:1-11

Andy Storch


Andy introduces our new series looking at the life of Joseph

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