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Left to right: Arash Shokhoui, Niloofar Shokouhi Rad, Thea Green, Rebekah Overton-Cox

Arash Shokhoui – Bookshop Manager

Arash and Niloo (see left) are recent arrivals at Greyfriars. He is a musician and music teacher by profession, the drums being his main instrument. He also has a passion for books and for sharing his faith and will be managing the Bookshop and creating the Atrium social media campaigns. Interesting Fact: As a Muslim 12-year-old growing up in Iran, he summarised a book for a school project not knowing it was intended to teach Christianity to Muslims! He came to love God through this and it inspired his love of literature.

Niloofar Shokouhi Rd Coffee Shop Manager

Niloo is married to Arash (see above) and has a beautiful dog called Maya. Her background is in hospitality, which she studied at university, after which she went on to work in the restaurant and event management industries. She is passionate about coffee! Interesting Fact: If you give Niloo a cooked dish she says that she will be able to tell you what the flavours and ingredients are without seeing the recipe!

Thea Green Atrium Curator and Bookshop Assistant Manager

Thea is married to Dave and their daughter is Jasmine. She has been at Greyfriars for a long time! Her background is in theatre where she was a stage manager. As well as helping to manage the Bookshop she will use her experience to curate the Atrium, coordinating the display of local Christian arts and crafts and hosting regular events aimed at bringing the Atrium alive. Interesting Fact: Thea has the travel bug, has visited 45 countries and lived abroad twice. She has a reputation for travelling light and can pack her travel essentials into the tiniest of rucksacks to the amazement of her travel companions!

Rebekah Overton-Cox – Assistant Coffee Shop Manager

Rebekah will be joining the team part-time, assisting Niloo in the management of the Coffee Shop. She has been coming along to Greyfriars with her husband Jordan for three years now. Rebekah has always felt called to use hospitality as a way of demonstrating God’s love for his people. She also loves baking and all things cake and food related, so jumped at the chance of joining the church Coffee Shop team as the perfect way of combining both her love for catering and hospitality. Interesting Fact: Rebekah’s ancestor was the Mayor of London during the great fire in 1666 and his name is inscribed on the monument in Monument Square.

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