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At Greyfriars our relationship with God and with each other is what really matters to us. Greyfriars is a church where people can come to be loved and supported. It is a place where we can get to know God for ourselves so that we can share God’s love with all. We are not perfect, as a church or as individuals, but we are on a journey of faith and relationship and we invite everyone to join us.
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Week 30 (7.30pm Service) - Joseph: Dreamer - Genesis 37 v1-11
Jonathan Thatcher, 26/07/2015
Week 30 (10.30am Service) - Be Strong! Belt of Truth - Ephesians 6 v10-17
Andy Storch, 26/07/2015
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2 Aug 2015 web (429KB)
26 Jul 2015 web (428KB)
19 Jul 2015 web (347KB)
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